USB SPEAKERS : Compact & Portable

The best Universal Serial Bus - USB speaker systems can provide quality, pure digital sound and be powered over a single USB cable. You can eliminate a tangle of wires, potential battery recharging and/or replacement issues, and AC power-strip clogging transformers if you so desire. These compact and small external USB portable speakers are compatible with any Mac or PC. Many slip into a laptop computer carry case for easy portability with room to spare. Enjoy improved sound, higher volume levels, and wider frequency response. That's something which most MacBooks, PC notebooks and far too many desktop computers built-in speakers can't even begin to match.



Best Sounding USB Speaker Systems

Below are our top-three loudspeaker picks for stylish, full range 2-piece stereo USB audio at your desktop -- No power supply or AC outlet needed!
USB 3.0 High-Power2.0 USB Cubes Premium USB Speaker
True USB 3.0 Speaker

Hi-Wattage USB3 Powered
JLab 2-Piece SubSpace

Brushed Aluminum Styling
Altec Lansing Pebbles

Aux In + Volume Control

Types Of USB Computer Speakers

- One piece mono portable USB travel speakers with a single speaker driver for improved computer audio and music listening on the go. Lightweight and compact, these speakers can fit in the palm of your hand.

- One piece stereo USB laptop speakers with both left and right speaker drivers in one unit for easy portability and travel. (USB soundbar type speakers)

- Two piece stereo USB computer speaker options offer wider stereo signal separation and deliver a more pleasing ambient sound field.

- Select USB speakers may also feature on-board volume and mute controls, or a 1/8" stereo 3.5mm input jack for connecting a computer Tablet, MP3 Player, Cell-Phone, Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad or other external audio source.

- Note: Some small speakers are USB port powered, but also have a separate 1/8" Analog cable for the audio signal. These Analog connected products are different than more straightforward USB Digital speakers with only a single cable for both power and stereo audio.

Best Portable USB Speaker Choices

SoundBar USB Speaker2.0 USB Travel Speaker Portable USB Speaker
Edifier USB Sound Bar

Battery or USB Powered Audio
Altec Lansing 2-Piece

Snap Together For Travel
USB Altec Orbit

Speaker With Travel Case

The Benefits Of USB Powered Speakers

Most USB computer speaker systems are far louder and have a deeper, wider frequency response range over the built-in speakers of nearly any laptop computer.

No system-level audio drivers need to be installed. Modern computer operating systems will recognize the loudspeaker in Sound Input Control Panel of Microsoft Windows or the Sound Preference Pane of Apple's Mac OSX.

The 5 volts and mere 500 milliamps of power on a USB port limits USB speakers to providing, at-best, about 2.5 watts of audio power output. However, that's enough loudness to fill a room and hear much more of what your ears are missing from nearly any Mac laptop or PC notebooks tiny built-in speakers. A new generation of USB 3.0 powered speakers can take advantage of the increased 900mAh power of a USB3 port and potentially deliver up to 4.5 watts of output.

Larger USB desktop speaker systems with both main speaker drivers AND passive radiator cones can help improve the lower bass frequencies that other small computer speaker designs might lack. With well-engineered, larger and high quality drivers, desktop USB speakers can deliver a surprising amound of bass.

These loudspeaker products are compatible with any speed USB port. Digital stereo audio has relatively low-bandwidth demand on the Universal Serial Bus and will operate well even on older computers with USB 1.1 ports - as well as newer computers with USB 2 or USB 3 SuperSpeed interfaces.

The right choice in USB speakers can provide a high-quality audio playback solution for your computer that works well in your home or office - and with with your desktop Macintosh or PC, or a Windows notebook or Apple MacBook laptop and is ready to travel when needed.