About www.usb-computer-speakers.com
Here at www.usb-computer-speakers we offer quick reviews of select USB speaker systems for your portable and desktop audio needs. Few other sites on the web offer such a specific and focused look at the portable USB computer speaker market and the loudspeaker products available for Windows and Mac users. Your shopping choices in speaker systems range from monophonic single-speaker designs you can hold in the palm of your hand, to compact, 1-piece stereo sound-bars ideal for laptop travel, to spearate stereo 2-piece USB speaker systems that deliver wider speaker placement for a more ambient sound-field.

Small USB powered speakers can offer vastly improved audio and frequency response over most laptop - and many desktop computer's in-built speaker systems. USB speakers are very popular for laptop users including Apple MacBooks, UltraBooks, NetBooks and other portable notebook computing platforms.

Many mobile computing devices these days also use wireless Bluetooth connectivity for speakers. However, unlike bus-powered USB loudspeaker solutions you're often faced with battery replacement or recharging issues. You might also be somewhat disappointed by the connectivy and pairing issues, or limited distance (usually far less than the typical 30 foot range often quoted) that Bluetooth speakers work reliably in. As such USB loudspeakers are a dependable, cable powered solution you can rely on.

Once configured in your Windows Control Panel or Apple System Preferences Sound Pane - USB speakers are identified and remembered by your desktop or laptop computer and will generally default to them as the preferred sound output device when plugged into a USB port. If not, a quick trip to your Sound Input settings can switch to make them active with only a mouse click or two.