Best USB Speakers For MacBook Pro And Air Laptops

Best USB Speakers For MacBook Air & Pro

Here's some of the best USB speakers for Mac Air or Pro laptop users seeking better Mac audio playback on the road or at your desktop. Apple MacBook users are often frustrated by their notebook's small, tiny built-in speakers and lack of adequate volume - especially the smaller MacBook Pro and Air models. Although Apple strives to engineer high-quality audio into their portables, ever thinner MacBook designs and demands for long battery life compromise the space available to provide large, full-frequency loudspeaker driver cones. An external Apple USB speaker can provide much louder music and sound and yet remain quite compact and portable.

USB Speakers For Mac Laptops

Creative Pebbles V2 USB-C Speakers

2 Inch Driver Cones w/Bass Radiators

For modern MacBooks with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports, This pair of USB-C powered speaker orbs from Creative Labs can take advantage of the extra power available on a Type-C port to deliver higher wattage and volume levels than are possible under USB 2.0/3.0/3.1

All-Digital Single Cable USB Speaker

Portable Speaker For MacBooks

SonaVerse's GoGroove USB-only digital speaker features a clip for mounting on a MacBook LCD screen, and a base for vertical free-standing use at your desktop.

Kinivo USB Laptop Sound Bar

Free-Standing or Clips-Onto Notebook

Kinivo's clip-on USB powered speaker doesn't block your MacBook's built-in webcam like some clip style portable speakers do. Two resonably large driver cones deliver a much broader frequency range and higher volume levels that your Mac laptop's internal speakers just can't deliver. Very affordable too. Do note that this speaker is a bit top-heavy for MacBook Air models, particularly the 11" model and is best used free-standing.

Edifier USB Sound Bar Speaker

LiOn Battery Or USB Power Options

This second-generation of Edifier's Sound To Go named the 'Plus' model now features an internal rechargeable LiOn battery for either laptop or standalone use. This USB soundbar provides dual tweeters, dual midrange cones, and an oblong passive bass driver across the front of this 10" USB powered slim travel speaker. It's a solidly built and excellent choice for vastly improved MacBook laptop audio. Features a mute and volume control button on the side that integrates with Mac OSX on-screen volume control indicator for nice visual feedback. It also a 3.5mm 1/8" aux input jack and includes a stereo cable to plug in your other hand-held Apple iPad, iPod, or iPhone audio gadgets.

Mini USB Soundbar Speaker

Ultra-Compact USB Digital Audio

This very compact all-digital USB bus powered micro-speaker for MacBook Air or Pro measures only 9" x 1.25" x 1.5" making it easy to unobtrusively tuck in your Apple laptop carry case or sleeve. Oblong stereo drivers provide much greater volume than a MacBook's internal drivers, tho don't extend the low frequency response by very much.

Altec Orbit 2.0 Stereo Loudspeakers

Desktop or Travel USB Speakers

For wide stereo separation, these two snap apart compact USB speakers from Altec-Lansing are awesome. You can then snap back together for easy portability with your Mac Air or Pro notebook. Features retractable USB and audio cables, with wire flip-stands to angle the sound-field towards your ears.

SoundBlaster Speaker-Microphone

Voice Command Control

Creative Labs delivers a high quality USB microphone and speaker combo that's ideal for Skype voice and video conferencing as well as music enjoyment. Special OSX sound control software let's you use your voice for speaker/phone functions, and it's compact enough to take with you. The speaker + mic combo is also ideal for Mac mini users.

USB Altec Orbit Speaker

Speaker With Travel Case

Altec Lansing offers it's superlative 1-piece ORBIT portable speaker in a USB version: 1-Cable, self-powered and solidly built. It incorporated a very high quality speaker driver. USB cable tucks away underneath, and and has flip-out tilt stand to angle the sound-field towards you. This USB model redefines the battery powered version of it's Orbit with Analong 1/8" plug - without the need to mess with batteries or recharging.

Slim USB 2.0 Speakers

On-Board Audio Controls

Pioneer offers a slim pair of USB bus powered speakers ideal for mobile computing. The speakers feature large, quality drivers and and on-board mute and volume control buttons.

Discontinued: Logitech Z305

Compact Travel Speaker

Logitech's side-firing drivers give immersive, wide stereo separation and ambient sound. Features an on-board speaker mounted volume control and mute controls on top. Tuck-away USB cable management is integrated, and a travel sleeve is included Laptop and MacBook users on the go. This awesome USB speaker may be hard to find or pricey as it has been recently discontinued by Logitech. Worth hunting down - if the price is right.

All of the above USB powered laptop speakers are ideal loudspeaker choices for MacBook Air and Pro users looking for a single cable USB powered speaker solution.

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