Best USB Only 1-Cable Digital Computer Speakers

Best USB-ONLY Computer Speakers

Shopping for the best USB only computer speakers? They have their advantages over 2 cable setups. Those with a single USB connection only will leave your computer's 1/8" analog sound jack free to use with other audio devices.

Creative Labs STAGE Best-Sounding USB Sound Bar

Dual Stereo Drivers, Bass Radiator, Bluetooth Reception, MP3 Player

Above, what we consider to be the best-sounding USB-Only sound bar speaker bar none! Below a cheap USB soundbar for half the price, but get's the job done.

Dual Speakers & Bass Radiator Bar

Switchable Cool Blue LED Lighting

Not all audio companies that make USB powered speakers make USB *ONLY* speakers for PC or Mac laptop or desktop computers. Most USB loudspeakers have a SEPARATE 1/8" audio cable, so you really have to shop carefully to insure you're buying an all-digital 1-cable solution. But we've done that for you, as all items featured on this page are single-cable solutions.

360 Degree Sound Field

USB-Only Speaker Orb

USB-A Only PC speakers

Far more common, you'll find the majority of USB only loudspeakers available still use a conventional rectangular USB Type-A plug. You can use a USB-A to USB-C adapter if needed to use on any desktop or laptop computer old or new. These speakers tend to max out at about 3 Watts of sound power.

Popular Logitech Stereo Speakers

Front Volume +/- and Mute Buttons

Limitations Of USB-Only Speakers

For this type of computer speakers, USB only's real limitation is potential output wattage limits. Without AC wall juice powering the loudspeakers, there's only so much Ooomph! the speaker cones can deliver from a connection to a computer or wall charger's 5 volt USB port.

Nexigo Digital USB Sound Bar

Compact Mini Stereo Speaker

USB-C Only PC speakers

We're seeing the emergence of the new slim and oblong Type-C USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 connectors on a few of the latest USB only computer speaker systems. These can deliver more milliamps, producing 3 or more times the wattage of early generation USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 connection ports. You can use these on older ports with a USB-C to USB-A adapter, but they won't be as loud as they would be natively on new USB-C ports.

Metal Sound Bar 10 Watt Audio

With Bluetooth Wireless + 2 x USB-A Hub Ports!

New: USB-C & Bluetooth Pebble V3 Speakers

Great Sounding USB-C Speakers for Mac or PC

High-Watt Bass+ 1-Piece Stereo USB-C Speaker

Onboard Controls : Integrated USBC Cable

Shapes And Styles Of USB Only Speaker Systems

Given how mobile people are these days, small portable USB only soundbar speakers are the most popular and easiest for Windows and MacBook laptop users to travel with. Other shapes and styles like 3-piece USB only 2.1 desktop speakers with subwoofers or separate 2-piece stereo satellite speaker units give better stereo separation and ambience than a single soundbar can.

Stereo USB Only Speaker

Compact Size Mini Soundbar

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