Best Sounding USB Desktop Computer Speakers

Best USB Desktop Speakers

Here's some of the best USB computer speakers for better desktop audio. When used with your Apple Mac or Windows desktop or laptop, you can enjoy fewer wires and eliminate the need for an external power supply brick or any battery-charging issues.

New: USB-C Digital Pebble V3 Speakers

Best Selling USB-C Desktop Speakers

Above, the new 1-Cable USB-C Digital Pebble speakers with larger 2.25" drivers. Below, the earlier V2 Analog version with separate 1/8" audio cable and slightly smaller 2" driver cones.

Pebble V2 Analog USB-C Speakers

2 Inch Driver Cones w/Volume Knob

For deep bass, the studo monitor styled stereo 2-piece USB speaker below is a great choice for enhanced low-end frequency response down to and below 100HZ.

Combo Analog Or Digital USB Speaker

With Large 3" / 76mm Driver Cones

All-Digital USB powered desktop speaker systems can deliver both stereo audio signal and power over a single USB cable. But note: Analog USB powered desktop speaker systems use the USB connection for power ONLY -- as well as a separate Analog 1/8" 3.5mm cable for the stereo audio signal.

2.0 Desktop USB Speaker

3 Inch Driver Cones : Free Lavalier Microphone

Above, a 2 wire analog USB speaker set with separate mic and headphone jacks at the back.

USB Reference Monitor Speakers

1" Dome Tweeter, Large 4" Woofer

Promising bass response down to 50Hz, the above USB reference speakers from Jammin' use lightweight and exceptonally large 4 inch woofers paired with 1 inch dome tweeters in solid, wooden MDF cabinets.

Desktop USB Soundbar Speaker

All Digital - Single Cable Connection

Designed especially for Apple iMac computers - but equally at home under any 17" or larger display or TV, this USB powered soun bar style loudspeaker from XtremeMac features lerge midrange stereo speaker drivers and dual tweeters. It also has a side-mounted manual volume control. It's an all Digital USB speaker for single cable connectivity, but also offers a 1/8" Analog stereo audio input jack for other external devices.

Louder USB 3.0 Speaker

USB 3 Speaker System

USB3 Powered Speakers

Gigabyte was one of the first companies to ship a true USB 3.0 powered speaker that takes advantage of the increased 900 milliamps of power of a USB 3.0 port. Delivering up to 4.5 watts of audio power, it makes them one of the loudest USB speaker ever to ship. These feature high-quality drivers for extended bass response, a tuned port to enhance low-frequencies and a top-mounted touch panel for volume adjustment and mute control. Available in black (shown here) or white enclosures to suit your tastes.

Best Cheap USB Speakers

One Simple Cable Connection

Stereo Sound $12 Free Shipping

One of the cheapest USB speakers available and a best-seller: The Logitech S150 USB 2.0 speakers have been on the market for many, many years, a testament to their longevity as a well designed product customers love. They feature large, high-quality speaker drivers for suprisingly good frequency response in a compact and very affordable set of desktop speakers powered by any computer's USB port. I owned a set for a long time and they were great for TV shows, music and movies in my studio apartment attached to my Apple MacBook Air.

USB Speaker Systems For Your Desktop

Analog USB Desktop Speaker

USB Powered - 1/8" Analog Input

Though not a fully Digital USB speaker system, Creative offers full-range sound in this pair of desktop speakers powered by USB and using a 1/8"-3.5mm audio input and eliminates the need for an external power supply. Also features a side mounted On/Off and Volume Control for convenience.

iLuv USB Sound Cubes

Ultra Compact 2.0 Speakers

iLuv offers a great looking pair of little, white USB powered cube speakers that would make a great match for a white Apple MacBook or Mac mini desktop system. Features 1.5" speaker drivers in a set of dual 2" cubes.

Alesis USB Studio Monitors

Great Bass Response

For bass-thumping USB powered digital speakers at your desktop, check out Alesis and their 2.0 USB Studio monitor speaker system with a myriad of inputs and outputs for your audio recording and playback needs.

Other USB Speaker Systems

The SonaWave delivers true bass punch in a pair of compact desktop speaker enclosures. USB powered with a _separate_ Analog 3.5mm input stereo device cable.

Generally, a single-cable USB solution is ideal, but reviewers rave about the sound-quality of this system. Dual 3Wx2" drivers plus side-firing passive woofers on both sides give this more bass punch than most. Angled design points the sound-field upward when at your desktop and has a rear-mounted volume adjustment wheel if needed.

Logitech V20 Speakers

2.0 Portable Speaker System

Another two piece single-cable portable USB computer audio solution that sounds REALLY GOOD has been on the market for years: A testament to a well engieered computer accessory that's stood the test of time. With these self-powered speakers, Logitech V20 features a 50mm - 2" Active driver - and a 75mm - 3" High-Excursion Passive Bass Radiator cone in each unit to enhance low-end frequency response. The specs state bass frequencies down to 70Hz. It's been discontinued, but still may be available.

USB Desktop Speaker Solutions

USB speakers aren't just for portable notebook audio. As you can see above, there's some great 2.0 and 3-piece 2.1 USB desktop computer speakers that make a good companion for your desktop computing environment too. Although AC and Battery powered speaker systems will produce louder sound output, for many, a well designed set of USB desktop computer speakers can provide full range, room filling sound.