Best USB Laptop Speakers For Mac Or PC Notebooks

Best Laptop USB Speakers

Portable USB NoteBook speakers can enhance your MacBook laptop, UltraBook, NetBook or desktop PC computer listening experience. These featured audio peripherals and accessories embody elements of exceptional sound quality in a small form factor. Thoughtful USB laptop speaker design, extended frequency response drivers and versatility are available in a compact, portable USB speaker system.

USB or Battery Powered Speaker

USB or 1.8" Analog Audio

Edifier's USB sound-bar provides dual tweeters, dual midrange cones and an oblong passive bass driver radiator across the front of this 10" long USB powered slim travel speaker. An excellent choice for portable laptop audio. Features an Up-Down volume control button on the side which also trigger's Mac OSX's on-screen volume settings widget. This 2nd generation Plus '+' model now includes an internal 10-hour LiOn rechargable battery for standalone use of it's 1/8" aux input jack for uuse other hand-held Apple iPad tablet, iPhone, iPod or MP3 music player, and any other audio devices.

USB Altec Orbit

Speaker With Travel Case

Altec Lansing advances it's superlative 1-piece ORBIT travel speaker with a USB version: 1-Cable. Self-Powered. Solidly built. High quality speaker driver. Tuck-away USB cable management and flip-out tilt stand underneath. It refines and redefines it's Analong plug predecessor without the need to futz with batteries.

Altec Orbit 2.0

Desktop or Travel Speakers

For wider stereo separation these two snap apart - then back together for easier portability. Retractable USB and audio cables, with wire flip-stands to aim the sound field towards your ears.

Logitech Z305

Compact Travel Speaker

Logitech's side-firing drivers give immersive, wide stereo separation. Features speaker mounted volume, power and mute controls on top. Integrated tuck-away USB cable management and travel sleeve for Laptop and MacBook users on the go. Sadly, this item's been discontinued by Logitech, but worth hunting down for any remaining stock.

Slim USB 2.0 Speakers

On-Board Audio Controls

Pioneer's slim pair of USB powered speakers features large quality drivers and on-board Volume Up-Down and Mute buttons.

The SonaWave delivers true bass punch in a pair of compact enclosures. USB powered with a _separate_ Analog 3.5mm input stereo device cable. Generally, a single-cable USB solution is ideal, but reviewers rave about the sound-quality of this system. Dual 3Wx2" drivers plus side-firing passive woofers on both sides give this more bass punch than most. Angled design points the sound-field upward when at your desktop and has a rear-mounted volume adjustment wheel if needed.

Logitech V20 Speakers

2.0 Portable Speaker System

Another two piece single-cable portable USB computer audio solution that sounds REALLY GOOD has been on the market for years: A testament to a well engieered computer accessory that's stood the test of time. With these self-powered speakers, Logitech features a 50mm - 2" Active driver - and a 75mm - 3" High-Excursion Passive Bass Radiator cone in each unit to enhance low-end frequency response. The specs state bass frequencies down to 70Hz. Although they offer a more compact V10 Series, their sound quality doesn't match the V20.