USB Sound Bar Speakers For Laptop Travel

Laptop USB Sound Bar Speakers

Lean and linear - these oblong sound bar USB computer speakers can sit on your desk or optionally clip to your laptop's display or sit atop your keyboard depending on the mounting options or it's size. A USB sound bar computer speaker is ideal for mobile computing and improved laptop speaker response on the road - or at your PC or Mac desktop.
Stereo USB Only Speaker

Compact Size Mini Soundbar
Digital USB speakers get both their power and audio signal from a single USB cable - no recharging or replacing batteries is needed to power the speaker.

Desktop USB Powered Soundbar

18 Inch USB Soundbar

2-Way Coaxial Speaker Drivers

Edifier Portable USB Soundbar

Edifier 10 Inch Laptop USB Sound Bar+

USB + LiOn Battery Power : Sleek 2.1 Audio To Go

Edifier's self-powered USB sound-bar provides dual 1.25" tweeters, dual 1.25" midrange cones and an oblong passive bass radiator driver across the front of this 10" USB powered slim travel speaker. In a recent update to the + Plus version, it now features a built-in LiOn battery for standalone use with any 1/8" external audio device - or streaming audio through your computer's USB port. It's an excellent choice for portable laptop audio. Features a standard stereo 1/8" aux input jack for other hand-held tablet, cell phone and music devices (and includes the cable.) An Up-Down volume button on the side of the speaker provides onboard mute and volume control without having to do it from your computer.

GrandMax USB Soundbar

GrandMax Slim Tweakers

Small and Portable Speaker

The brushed aluminum Slim Tweakers USB sound bar is one of the smallest and most compact USB notebook speaker options out there. With dual, oblong .75" x 1.75" micro speakers it is easily the most portable and compact sound bar style USB loudspeaker available. I personally own one and love it for traveling. It delivers surprisingly loud volume levels, though with such tiny drivers, it lacks any meaningful low-end response below 150Mhz. Still a vast improvment for MacBook Air, NetBook, and small UltraBook laptop users, offering much fuller sound and great, room-filling volume in a minimal footprint.

iLuv USB Soundbar

iLuv Mini-Clip

Sound Bar Laptop Speaker

iLuv offers it's own USB notebook soundbar speaker that can clip atop - or on the side of your laptop screen.

Logitech USB Soundbar

Logitech Z205

USB Mini Stereo sound bar

Sadly discontinued, The rubberized clip mount can protect your LCD display lid - or also function as a desktop stand. For ultra-light UltraBooks and MacBook Air, you may find clipping the speaker to the side of your display will prevent tip-over. USB bus-powered for pure digital 2.0 audio this stereo sound bar speaker also has a 1/8" input jack option for other analog devices. Logitech delivers better volume and frequency response to finally hear what your netbook's been missing in TV programs, music videos and more.