Best Computer Speakers With Thunderbolt Interface

Thunderbolt Computer Speakers

Shopping for the best Thunderbolt computer speakers for Mac or PC? Leverage the extra Ooomph! of power on their ports with a new generation of significantly louder bus-powered Thunderbolt compatible loudspeakers for PCs and Macs. Featuring the slimmer Type-C Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) plug, they're ideal loudspeakers for modern systems that support USB 3.x and Thunderbot 3 voltages and protocols in a single port.

10 Watts Of Audio Power & More

Dual USB-A Hub Ports + Bluetooth Device Support

Creative Thunderbolt / USB-C Speaker System

Creative Labs shipped the first Thunderbolt (USB-C) powered desktop speaker. It's a compact pair of sphere-shaped stereo speakers. The V2 version featured a native Type-C cable for power, but had an analog 1/8" plug cable for audio input from a computer, phone or tablet. The improved V3 version is now a 1-cable Digital version with slightly larger speaker drivers, and Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

Creative Pebble V3 Thunderbolt Computer Speakers

Bigger 2.25" Speaker Cones + Adds Bluetooth Capability

Above, the best Thunderbolt 3 compatible computer speaker with a single Type-C cable. Below, the earlier V2 version of The Pebble Thunderbolt powered loudspeakers that gets its audio signal from a separate 1/8" analog audio cable. If plugging in MP3 players, iPods, Smartphones or other audio devices that use an 1/8" plug, this may be a better choice for you.

Creative Pebble V2 Thunderbolt Powered Speakers

2 Inch Driver Cones w/Volume Knob

"V3" is a louder, revised "V2" version of Creative's original Pebble USB desktop loudspeakers. The V3's single cable has Thunderbolt's oval Type-C interface instead of a Type-A rectangular USB plug. Connected to a Thunderbolt 3 port, they're nearly three times as powerful as 1st-generation USB-A powered Pebbles. These deliver amped-up audio when plugged into a PC or Mac's Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port. A high-gain switch located on the back of one of the sattelite loudspeakers increases output volume levels to 8W RMS of total power. A volume knob on the front of one satellite offers easy adjustment to preferred listening levels.

V3's Front-facing 2.25" - 57mm drivers compliment bass resonators that are at the back of each loudspeaker enclosure. They deliver enhanced low-frequency response from 100Hz up to 17000Hz in small cabinets. For compatibility as a (not as loud) conventional USB 2.0 / 3.0 speaker, a USB Type-A adapter is bundled with Creative's Thunderbolt USB-C powered speaker system for use as a lower-powered rectangular A-style USB speaker.

Compact Thunderbolt 3 Computer Speaker

Here's another digital 1-cable Thunderbolt 3 computer speaker with a native Type-C Thunderbolt port connection. Volume up, down and mute buttons atop the speaker cabinet allow for quick-touch volume control. The Bass+ angled front at 45 degree face directs the sound-field right towards your ears.
Bass+ 1-Piece Digital Thunderbolt Speaker

Onboard Controls : Integrated 3.8' Cable

With a down-firing passive bass radiator and dual mid-to-high range drivers, this compact 1-piece Thunderbolt powered speaker can deliver up to 8 watts for room-filling, wide-range audio playback. Rubber feet underneath prevent any rattle or buzz on your desktop. It also comes with a Thunderbolt Type-C to USB-A adapter for use on an older PC or Mac computer.

Combo Thunderbolt 3 Speaker + USB Hub + Phone Charger

This interesting multi-function device is more than a 1-piece Thunderbolt digital speaker. It also features phone induction charging, an integrated 3 port USB-A hub, a USB-C pass-thru port, SD card reader, and 1/8" analog audio jack. If you're in a wired internet work environment, an RJ-45 ethernet adapter is built-in too!

Combo Thunderbolt speaker, Charger, Hub

Swiss Army Knife For Thunderbolt / USB-C Computers

This Thunderbolt speaker hub provides a variety of ports all in one convenient location: USB-C, USB 3.0/2.0, HDMI, Ethernet, SD/TF Card reader, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

USB-C Soundbar Speaker Via Adaptor

Though not a native Type-C interface, this compact sound bar style loudspeaker comes with a free USB-C adaptor to connect to new PC's, Notebooks, MacBooks and Macintosh desktop systems with Thunderbolt 3 Type-C ports for 3 watts maximum output.

9x2x2" Sound Bar Type-C Thunderbolt Adaptor

Bass Radiator, 2 Driver Cones, Volume Controls

Technical Benefits Of Thunderbolt Speakers?

Wondering what the advantages are of Thunderbolt 3 connected desktop or laptop speakers? The smaller and reversible Type-C plug on them will go in easily on the first try. With older USB-A type connections, there's always a 50% chance you'll try to plug it in the wrong way. More importantly though, both the Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C specification delivers more power (amps) than earlier genration USB-A ports. and hence can support highwer wattage output and greater volume levels.

Thunderbolt 3 Speaker Compatibility

It's important to understand that on newer Windows PC's and Apple computers, Thunderbolt 3 ports 'speak' BOTH USB and Thunderbolt device protocols over the same Type-C interface for all sorts of peripheral devices. They also deliver more milliamps of power, which is why Type-C Thunderbolt speakers can have larger drivers and deliver more watts of audio power than ever before. Thunderbolt 3 ports are fully backward compatible with slower USB devices and cables with the proper hub or adapter.