6 Great USB-Powered TV Speakers For LCD Televisions

USB Powered TV Speaker Systems

Shopping for better audio from your LCD HDTV set? USB bus powered TV speakers are a popular upgrade for improved audio playback of your television shows and movies. Particularly on smaller and low-end HDTV's, the tiny built-in speakers may be less than ideal for delivering full-range frequency response or adequate volume. Here's some soundbar style USB powered speaker systems that can affordably take your television viewing experience to the next level.

USB 2.1 Speakers With Subwoofer

Full-Range Audio : Creative Pebbles Speakers

Above shows what might an ideal USB television speaker: One that includes satellite mid-to-high end speakers and a separate USB powered subwoofer for decent low-frequency TV and audio playback.

IMPORTANT: For use with an LCD TV, be sure that it supports audio input. What audio and USB connections are available (or not!) can vary widely depending on the TV. Then you want USB *POWERED* speakers for TV that have *SEPARATE* USB and Audio cables - meaning USB computer speakers that also have a 1/8th inch - 3.5mm analog audio input jack! Some all-digital USB speakers with only a single USB cable and no Analog connection are NOT the right kind for connecting a HDTV!

2.1 USB Television Speaker With Subwoofer

For optimal bass response and a more immersive sound experience, look to televsion speakers that feature multiple drivers or a dedicated woofer.

USB Powered 2.1 Speaker With Great Bass

Down-Facing Woofer, Dual Front Drivers

Some speakers have passive bass radiators to improve the sound somewhat, but not many USB speakers incude a separate, dedicated sub-woofer. Above, we have an exception that includes a separate down-firing woofer with front-facing mid and high-end drivers.

TV Soundbar Speakers

Affordable USB Soundbar USB TV Soundbar
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Quad Drivers + Passive

USB Soundbar For TV Recommendations

USB Speaker With Woofer USB-Powered TV Speaker
2.1 USB Speaker System

Mini Subwoofer + Satellites
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Wired Or Wireless Bluetooth

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