6 Great USB-Powered TV Speakers For LCD Televisions

USB Powered TV Speaker Systems

Shopping for better audio from your LCD HDTV set? USB bus powered TV speakers are a popular upgrade for improved audio playback of your television shows and movies. Particularly on smaller and low-end HDTV's, the tiny built-in speakers may be less than ideal for delivering full-range frequency response or adequate volume. Here's some soundbar style USB powered speaker systems that can affordably take your television viewing experience to the next level.

IMPORTANT: For use with an LCD TV that supports USB audio, you want USB *POWERED* speakers for TV that have *SEPARATE* USB and Audio cables - meaning USB computer speakers that also have a 1/8th inch - 3.5mm analog audio input jack! Some all-digital USB speakers with only a single USB cable and no Analog connection are NOT the right kind for connecting a HDTV!

20" USB TV Soundbar Speaker

4-Drivers : 80Hz to 20Khz Response

Above shows what might an ideal USB television soundbar speaker which includes: Large and/or multiple speaker drivers, separate USB and Analog 1/8" connections, an included Female 1/8" to stereo RCA 'Y'-cable for TV's with only RCA audio output jacks, and optional use of a USB power supply if your TV's USB port is needed for other uses.

2.1 USB Television Speaker With Subwoofer

For better bass response and a more immersive sound experience, look to televsion speakers that feature multiple drivers or a dedicated woofer.

USB Powered 2.1 Speaker With Great Bass

Down-Facing Woofer, Dual Front Drivers

Some speakers have passive bass radiators to improve the sound somewhat, but not many USB speakers incude a separate, dedicated sub-woofer. Above, we have an exception that includes a separate down-firing woofer with front-facing mid and high-end drivers.

TV Soundbar Speakers

Affordable USB Soundbar USB TV Soundbar
Connectland 17" TV Speaker

3 Color Choices
GoGroove TV Speaker

Quad Drivers + Passive

USB Soundbar For TV Recommendations

USB Speaker With Woofer USB-Powered TV Speaker
2.1 USB Speaker System

Mini Subwoofer + Satellites
16" Stylish USB Soundbar

Wired Or Wireless Bluetooth

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